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Where can I find IDrive cars?
You can find IDrive cars on the application map on your phone.
Do cars have automatic or manual gear?
All IDrive cars have automatic gear.
If the fuel meter is low, where can I refuel?
You can refuel at Aldrees Smart Stations in Riyadh “130 smart stations” without any payment or any paper bills.
In case of car broke because any mechanical issues what should I do?
If these issues occurred while the customer still using the car, he should call customer service to provide the help.
In the event of an accident, what should I do?
Contact the Najm on this number 920000560 or Saudi Traffic on 993 and fulfill accident report then call Our customer service. If the driver of the vehicle is mistaken, he will pay the value of the full repair according to the terms and conditions, and excess fees knowing that the car has comprehensive insurance.
What happens if I get a fine during my trip?
All fines will be charged separately with an additional administration fees.
Can I smoke in a IDrive?
IDrive is non-smoking environment . In case if we find any damages or smells in a car because of smoking a penalty of 1,000 SAR applies in addition to the costs of the damages.
What should I do in case if there is a damage inside/outside the car??
You can report damages on app or call Customer Service Representatives before starting the trip.
Why I can't end the trip?
Please make sure that the vehicle is in the permitted area and the vehicle must be parked in the green or yellow area shown in the application map (Note: there is an additional charge for parking in the yellow area). Extra fees is applied in accordance with the stated policy.
What happens if my phone battery runs out?
Find the nearest phone and contact customer service and inform them and the customer service staff will help you. Make sure to close all doors, windows and rear luggage without leaving the vehicle in an unsafe condition.
Can I end the trip in an area that does not have Internet ?
Please park the car in an area with internet coverage to end the trip.