How it works?

How it works?


Download our application from the online market for Android or Apple's online marketplace, sign up, upload your ID and driver's license, and take a personal photo of your identity. The support team will then activate an account

Search for a car

After activating the account, you will begin to search for your car near your location after which the car will be opened by the application. After opening the doors you will report on the internal and external damage of the vehicle if any. Then enjoy driving.

Park the car

After you finish driving the car, park it properly. Use the application to lock the doors of the car. Do not forget to put the keys in the space provided so that the next customer to find the keys easily. The next client will start his journey soon

Open IDRIVE and select your car

When you have finished registering and activating your account, simply run the mobile application to search for the nearest available car and then book it until you reach it.