IDRIVE-KSA Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

1-These terms and conditions govern the relationship between the customer and iDrive, and through them you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions, as amended from time to time.

iDrive – Saudi Arabia (Smart Carrier Company – Riyadh – Tel: 920004932, Commercial Registration No. (101453610)
Email: INFO@IDRIVE-KSA.COM, tax number: (310051148100003) (hereinafter referred to as “iDrive”

iDrive is based on the concept of car sharing via smartphones through the iDrive application. iDrive rents iDrive cars to registered customers in a specific area, subject to availability.

The current General Terms and Conditions apply to the registration (master agreement) and rental of iDrive vehicles (individual rental contract).

When renting iDrive cars, the current General Terms and Conditions are supplemented by the General Terms and Conditions of Car Insurance and Fee Policy.

The conclusion of a Master Agreement does not permit any iDrive nor does the Customer create a right to demand the conclusion of individual lease contracts.

The applicable prices and fees shall be exclusively the current prices and fees at the time of booking, as stated in the fees policy available on the website In the case of customers who have already entered into a master agreement with iDrive, a master agreement with iDrive is concluded when The customer in question is renting an iDrive car for the first time.

iDrive reserves the right to refuse a customer’s registration if there is reason to assume that he/she will not act in accordance with the agreement.

The contract can be concluded in Arabic. The terms of the contract will be retained by iDrive after the conclusion of the contract in the event that the customer is no longer reachable.

In the event of any conflict between the Arabic language and the English version of these General Terms and Conditions, the Arabic language will prevail.

2-Amendment of terms and conditions:

1- iDrive expressly reserves the right to make reasonable amendments to the general terms and conditions and fees policy. The customer will be notified of any amendments via email and by publishing it on the IDRIVE website: ( and the iDrive application. The

changes are considered approved from the date of their publication and the customer hereby acknowledges these terms and conditions and agrees that all amendments to this agreement must be in effect and binding on the customer as a condition for the customer’s continued rights under this agreement.

3- Terminology

“Customer” means an individual or entity, which has properly and successfully registered with iDrive and entered into a valid Master Agreement with iDrive.

“Access Tool,” which means the iDrive application, is a smartphone application that serves as an access medium for booking and renting iDrive cars. It is also possible to use applications of other service providers officially authorized by iDrive to rent and terminate iDrive car rentals.

The “Green Zone” is the area within the borders from which you can rent an iDrive car and return it. The green zone may consist of different zones. To return the iDrive car to…Specific area outside the green zone, fees may apply according to the fee policy. The main areas of iDrive cities can be viewed, in their current form, in the iDrive application.

The driving license is a “valid Saudi driving license.”

“Misuse” is not using the vehicle properly, for example: drifting, not turning off the vehicle and keeping the engine running, applying insulators and shading the vehicle.

4- Account registration and the customer’s responsibility upon registration

When renting, booking, and using an iDrive car, the customer must:
If the customer wishes to use iDrive services, the customer must provide iDrive with the main data and undertakes to be completely correct (name, surname, address, email, date of birth and private mobile phone number) and accept these general terms and conditions, and accordingly a master agreement (registration) is concluded between IDrive client.

Choose a payment method (e.g. mada/credit card) via the application; You must have an active account with the chosen payment method, which is accepted by iDrive.

The customer must keep the personal data he entered into the iDrive user account up to date. This applies in particular to the customer’s address, email address, mobile phone number, driving license information and mada/credit card information. It must be amended when there are any changes to them. If the data is out of date or expired (for example, email, mobile number is out of date), iDrive reserves the right to temporarily block the customer’s account.

(2) It is not permissible to disclose or share the customer’s login data (iDrive username, password for the iDrive application) to any third party). This also applies if these three parties

are customers themselves. In each case of non-compliance, the customer must pay a contractual fine of 5,000 Saudi riyals. The right to claim further compensation is not affected. In this case, the contractual penalty is deducted from such additional damages.

5- The right to drive, and verification of the driver’s license

(1) The right to drive i-Drive vehicles must be limited to individuals who:
(a) Have reached the minimum age of 21 years and have a valid motor vehicle driving license.

(b) Carry a valid driving license with them during the rental period and comply with all conditions and requirements stipulated therein.

(c) The Customer is the only person allowed to drive the iDrive rental vehicle throughout the booking period. He is not allowed to allow any other person to use or drive the car, otherwise he will be responsible for all fees, fines and expenses arising from another person driving the car through his account during the period of his reservation.

(d) You have an active account with iDrive, a different provider or a different national company that has been officially authorized by iDrive to rent and return iDrive.

(e) The customer must be physically fit and qualified to drive a vehicle.

(2) iDrive has the right to ask iDrive customers or a partner to officially verify iDrive (verification point) and identify themselves by presenting their driver’s license and personal identification documents and obtaining their valid driver’s license, where applicable, and verifying Validate their driving license through the online validation process as per the instructions. For driving licenses from outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, access means will only be activated at any point of iDrive validation with the passport.

(3) If the driving license is withdrawn or lost, the right to drive the i-Drive vehicle is immediately suspended for the period of withdrawal or loss. The same applies to the duration of the driving ban. Customers must notify iDrive without undue delay of the suspension or restriction of their right to drive, or the seizure of their driving license.

(4) Customer agrees to cooperate in providing general information necessary to confirm eligibility. iDrive reserves the right to request additional information at any time. iDrive also reserves the right to reject a Customer at its sole discretion.

6- Accessibility tools (iDrive application)

(1) The means of accessing iDrive vehicles is the iDrive application.

(2) To be able to use the iDrive application as an access tool, the Customer must have a cell phone that is compatible with the technical requirements of the iDrive application. For each application download, the system automatically checks whether the cell phone complies with these requirements; iDrive does not guarantee compatibility in this regard. The Customer must personally provide mobile data communications capability and shall bear any data transmission costs that become due to the Customer’s mobile service provider.

(3) Reading, copying or using the information technology access tool is prohibited. Any non-compliance will immediately lead to disqualification from iDrive and the customer will bear the costs of any damage resulting from non-compliance, if any.

(4) The Customer must report the loss or damage of the access tool (iDrive application) without undue delay (via email or by phone to the service center) to enable iDrive to block this access tool and prevent misuse. The Customer must be informed by email that the access tool has been blocked.

(5) The customer must, within legal limits, be responsible for any damage due to the loss of access tools, especially if theft, damage or misuse results in damage to any iDrive vehicle.

(6) The customer’s account, iDrive login data and access tools must be kept separately. The customer will be responsible for any non-compliance.

7- Reservation and conclusion of individual rental contracts

Registered customers can rent iDrive cars. Only iDrive cars that are available in the iDrive application can be used.

The application is submitted via iDrive application. iDrive has the right to reject the request if the specified vehicle is not available to fulfill the reservation request. In individual cases, there may be deviations between the actual location and the indicated location also due to inaccurate signal iDrive does not bear any responsibility in this regard.

The rental contract for the use of the iDrive vehicle is concluded when the customer begins reserving the vehicle for rent with his access device, and after confirming the rental by the device included on board the iDrive vehicle by opening the central car lock. Before the vehicle moves.

The term of the individual rental contract begins upon entering into the agreement and ends when the Customer has validly terminated the rental contract pursuant to Article (10) or if iDrive is entitled to terminate the rental in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions and terminate the rental unilaterally.

After successfully verifying the driver’s license, iDrive must activate the customer’s access tools for a maximum period of (12) months.

7.1- Damage Verification Report

The customer is obligated to inspect the iDrive car for any damage or damage, and the damage is reported via the iDrive application or via phone, and he must photograph it before starting the trip. In the event of serious damage, the Customer must contact PayDrive by telephone to report the nature and severity of the damage or damage. To disclaim liability, the report must be submitted before starting the engine. The customer is obligated to provide complete and accurate information. iDrive has the right to ban the use of the iDrive vehicle in the event of misuse.

7.2- Communication and communication

iDrive has the right to contact the customer under the mobile phone number registered in the personal data in the event that the use process is interrupted. iDrive has the right to prohibit any further use of the iDrive Vehicle if there is cause for a breach of the Agreement (such as a breach of Article 9, paragraph (2).

7.3- Vehicle recovery

iDrive Company has the right to recover the iDrive vehicle and replace it with a similar iDrive vehicle at any time in coordination with the customer.

7.4- Cellular data services

The provision of the Services may be subject to limitations and inaccuracies beyond iDrive’s control. This applies in particular with regard to the availability of mobile data services provided by mobile network operators. Unavailability of the mobile network may in certain cases result in certain services being unavailable due to the requested data transfer being unsuccessful. These services may also be affected by weather interference, topographical conditions, or obstacles (such as bridges, tunnels, and buildings). The same applies to navigation system-based positioning services. Internet use may also be subject to additional restrictions (such as network overload).Furthermore, a lack of timer capacity may be a result of peak load on services; Mobile networks, fixed lines or the Internet. Disturbances may also result from force majeure including strikes, blockades and orders from public administration as well as from technical and other measures (such as repair, maintenance, software updates and improvements) carried out on iDrive devices, suppliers and service and content providers. As network operators required to provide adequate or improved services. Use of the Services via the iDrive Application and/or the iDrive Internet Portal may also be subject to limitations and inaccuracies.

8- Prices, free minutes, credit balance


(a) The customer must pay the prices specified and applied at the beginning of the individual rental contract, and the price is displayed to the customer before each rental contract within the iDrive application. All rates and fees are set out in the Fees Policy as amended from time to time. This includes the change in prices for those who have a valid flight.

(b) The price may not include fuel, delivery or collection service.

(c) The use of iDrive vehicles shall be made – in line with the Customer’s choice in the individual rental contract – and shall be charged according to the designated charges per minute, hour, day, week or month.

(d) Payment shall be made according to the selected payment method. The customer makes sure that the credit card has sufficient coverage. If the debit amount is deducted by the bank and the customer is responsible for it, the customer must pay the bank charges and, thereafter, pay expenses in accordance with the current fee policy. iDrive reserves the right to reject any payment method specified by the customer, and in the event that multiple payment methods are specified, to change the payment methods specified by the customer as the default payment methods. The customer must be informed of this in advance, if applicable. Payment is made by the customer via bank transfer or by credit/debit card on periodic invoices.

(2) Credit balance and free minutes:

(a) Credit can be obtained in the form of free hours; It is also possible that free hours may be granted in the context of promotional activities. Provided that the relevant conditions apply.

(b) If the customer receives a credit, it will be credited to the account within 5-20 business days. Free money and hours can only be deposited into the customer’s wallet in the app. If the Customer’s account has a refundable credit balance, the free credit and free hours that expire soonest will be consumed first. To the extent the Customer does not have a credit or free hours on their account – or usage exceeds the existing free credit or free hours – then the Customer’s credit account will be used towards charges. The customer can view his wallet or his free hours respectively at any time via the iDrive application. Any allocations that are not used within the validity period of the free hours will also be forfeited.

(c) The credit cannot be used with iDrive if an individual rental agreement is concluded with another local iDrive company.

(d) The credit can be used for the following cases and fees: reservations, parking fees, airport fees, and predetermined area fees.

(e) The amounts are deposited in the customer’s wallet if he repairs the vehicle based on the direction of iDrive Company, in the event that additional amounts are withdrawn from the

customer by mistake, and he is also entitled to them if he fills gasoline with a maximum of 15 riyals if the conditions apply to him.

9- Client obligations and prohibitions

(1) Customer Obligations: The Customer is committed to the following:

a) Handle the iDrive vehicle carefully and gently, especially by reading the provisions of the manufacturer’s operating manual.

b) Notify iDrive immediately of any damage resulting from misuse, accident or any pollution;

c) Protecting the iDrive vehicle from theft in general (the windows must be closed and the central lock closed)

d) Check oils, operating fluids and tire pressure on extended trips at regular intervals and, if necessary, adjust them.

e) Ensure that the iDrive vehicle is only used if it is in a safe operational road condition

f) comply with all legal requirements in relation to the operation of an iDrive vehicle, in particular under the Road Traffic Act, to the extent not assumed by iDrive under this Agreement

g) Stop immediately if you see a warning light flashing in the dashboard display and contact iDrive to discuss whether the trip may continue.

h) Return the iDrive vehicle in the same condition in which it was rented and with all its equipment

i) Return the iDrive vehicle clean, internally and externally.

j) Contact iDrive immediately when the vehicle is seized by the competent authorities for any reason.

k) The Customer’s driving style must be environmentally sound and fuel efficient.

l) When returning the vehicle, the customer is obligated to ensure that the fuel tank is not less than 25%. In the event that the vehicle is returned with an empty fuel tank, the customer will be charged a fine.

m) The customer is obligated to pay all types of traffic violations during the period of his reservation.

n) Return the vehicle on the date and time specified in the agreement or in the agreement extension.

(2) Prohibitions: The client must not:

– He drives an i-Drive vehicle under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or pharmaceutical preparations, which may impair his ability to drive. Or not being able to drive anyway. A strict alcohol ban applies (0.0‰).

– Deactivating the passenger airbag.
– Use the iDrive vehicle for cross-country trips, motor racing events or racing of any kind.

– Use the iDrive vehicle for vehicle tests, driver training courses or to transport people on commercial terms c) Use the iDrive vehicle to transport flammable, toxic or otherwise dangerous materials to the extent that the quantities exceed homes.

– Use an iDrive vehicle to transport objects or materials that may disturb driving safety or damage the interior of the vehicle due to their nature, size, shape or weight.

– Using an iDrive car to commit criminal offenses or carrying weapons in it.
– Smoking or allowing others to smoke in an iDrive vehicle
– Taking animals to an iDrive vehicle, unless they are in a secure, closed cage – Placing or leaving any type of waste in an iDrive vehicle

– Carrying a number of passengers greater than the number allowed in the vehicle registration

– Carrying out repairs or any modifications to the iDrive vehicle or having such repairs or modifications performed on the customer’s authority.

– Transporting children without a seat. The customer must observe all manufacturer’s instructions regarding installation of child seats;

– Taking trips abroad with an iDrive vehicle without explicit permission from the company.

– Do not pay any amounts for fuel or anything else on behalf of iDrive, unless this is confirmed in writing by iDrive. The customer must also keep a copy of the receipt and send it to to claim its value within 30 days. The primary method of payment will be through iDrive accounts, and this claim will be valid for a period of no less than 6 months.

– The Customer expressly and irrevocably authorizes iDrive to debit his credit card/or current account for the guarantees that would have granted all rental costs and any other amount due in accordance with the agreement in this contract, including but not limited to:

(a) The amount claimed for fines and/or penalties issued by the competent authority. (b) The amount resulting from damages and losses.
(c) In exchange for returning the vehicle with an empty fuel tank.

10- Termination of the lease contract

a) Report on iDrive-approved parking possibilities in the relevant city and park properly and in accordance with Saudi Traffic Law, either in a specifically designated parking space provided by iDrive or, if parking there is permitted, in an unpaid parking lot. Any violation of traffic rules or prohibitions imposed by the owner of the place in question will be at the customer’s expense.

b) Not terminating the iDrive lease in any private or commercial buildings or parking lots designated for the disabled (such as parking garages, backyards, etc. that do not have clear parking signs. The ban also applies to private parking lots for shopping malls in centers Shopping and the iDrive car should be accessible to everyone at any time.

c) Return the key and parking card, if possible, by placing them in the designated places.

d) To ensure that the vehicle is completely stopped, all windows and doors are fully closed and all lights are turned off; Make sure not to leave any trash in the iDrive car.

(2) A lease can only be terminated:

a) If the iDrive vehicle is located within the permitted green zone. The boundaries of the green zone can be viewed in iDrive via the application.

b) If there is no network on the customer’s cell phone, the customer must move the iDrive car within the permitted area.

c) If the Client wishes to terminate the Tenancy Agreement (and thus terminate the individual tenancy), the Client is obligated to:

(3) The reservation (rent) is automatically terminated when the car is completely parked, the key is automatically retrieved in the designated place, and the windows and doors are closed. In addition, the customer can terminate the rental reservation via his own means of access. Provided that the iDrive vehicle confirms the end of the rental process by locking the central

locking system, then the rental process has already ended. If the customer leaves the iDrive vehicle even though the rental process has not ended, the rental is considered valid on the customer’s account.

(4) If the lease cannot be terminated, the Customer must immediately notify iDrive and remain with the vehicle until the Service Center makes a decision on how to proceed. iDrive will reimburse any additional rental costs incurred after the audit if the customer is not at fault. For example, the customer is at fault if the iDrive vehicle does not allow the termination of the rental agreement because the car keys are not in the car, if the doors are locked or if the car is outside the permitted green zone area.

(5) If the customer fails to return the car keys with the iDrive vehicle upon termination of the rental contract, the key retention fee will be charged and he will be fined an amount of (150) Saudi riyals.

(6) In case of accidents after which the vehicle cannot be transported, the rental ends when the vehicle is towed by specialists.

11- Dealing with accidents, damages, defects and repairs; Traffic crimes and suspicion of fraud

(1) The customer must report any accidents, damages and defects that occur during the trip to the iDrive service center without undue delay. The same applies to any accidents, damages and defects that the iDrive vehicle exhibits at the beginning of the lease. (Section 7.1)

(2) The customer must ensure that any accidents related to the iDrive vehicle are reported by the customer and recorded by Traffic/Najm. If Traffic/Najm refuses to record the details of the accident, the customer shall inform the iDrive service center accordingly without any undue delay via telephone and provide evidence, if any. If any such matter occurs, the customer must check with the service center on how to proceed and follow the service center’s instructions. This applies regardless of whether the incident was caused by the customer or a third party. The customer may not leave the scene of the accident until:

a) The completion of the registration of the accident procedures by Traffic/Najm (or if this is not possible, the iDrive service center is notified immediately.

b) Measures are taken to preserve evidence and mitigate damage in consultation with iDrive, and the vehicle has been delivered to a towing company or otherwise safely deposited in consultation with iDrive or removed by the Customer.

(3) Regardless of whether the accident that the Customer is obligated to report to iDrive was caused by the Customer or a third party, iDrive will provide the Customer with a damage report form after reporting the accident. The customer must complete this form and return it to iDrive

within 7 days. If iDrive does not obtain a written damage report within this period, the insurance will not be able to settle the claim. In this case, iDrive reserves the right to charge the customer for any costs for damage to persons, items and vehicles related to the accident.

(4) iDrive is entitled to any compensation for damages caused to the iDrive vehicle. If the Customer receives any such payments, the Customer shall transfer them to iDrive immediately without further request.

(5) Upon iDrive’s request, the Customer must determine the exact location of the iDrive vehicle at any time and allow the vehicle to be searched.

(6) In the event of good cause (e.g. in the event of suspected fraud) iDrive may discourage the use of the vehicle (e.g. by remotely disabling the parking vehicle). Vehicles must be parked at all times safely and in accordance with traffic conditions.

12- Insurance cover

(1) The iDrive car has third party liability insurance cover. In addition, the customer’s liability for damage to the iDrive vehicle is limited and complies with a fully comprehensive cover including a partially comprehensive cover with a deductible in accordance with the following provisions. Only authorized customers can benefit from insurance coverage. Accordingly, the customer’s responsibility and responsibility is an amount of (2750) Saudi riyals if the age is 21 years and above.

(2) If the iDrive vehicle is damaged while the customer is using it or if the customer causes damage, the customer will be responsible for a deductible amount, depending on the vehicle category.

(3) If the iDrive vehicle’s airbag is switched off or broken, the concession value is automatically doubled.

(4) Unless otherwise stated, the aforementioned insurance and the above-mentioned limit are subject to public policy liability and the general conditions of compulsory motor insurance as stipulated in the Saudi Insurance Contract Law.

(5) If the customer breaches any obligation under the Insurance Law and this breach results in the insurer being released from his obligation to pay, insurance coverage will not apply to him. The limitation of liability does not apply to the discount (reducer) in any such case.

(6) The insurance does not apply if the damage results from intent or willful negligence. In the event of damage caused by gross negligence, the customer will be liable to iDrive under the Saudi Insurance Contract Law.

(7) According to Paragraph (1) of this Article: The limitation of liability does not apply to the agreed upon discount amount when the customer causes mechanical damage due to an operational error (such as engine damage due to misoperation, etc.), gross negligence, intentionally, or in the event of Whoever breaches section 9(2)

(8) This article applies only under the following conditions:
The tenant’s age is not less than 21 years and not more than 65 years.

The conditions of insurance companies apply to the customer in accordance with the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

When an accident occurs and the contract is valid, the customer/tenant must inform iDrive and the legal authorities immediately after an accident occurs or in the event of theft and provide them with all the necessary information they need and obtain an accident report from the relevant party.

Insurance does not cover accidents in some cases. Therefore, the customer/renter bears full responsibility towards others and iDrive Car Rental.

Some cases, but not limited to, that are not covered by insurance are: a) If the driver is under the influence of intoxicants or drugs.
b) If the driver is not authorized under the agreement to drive

c) If the incident occurs after the expiration of the term of the agreement and/or any renewals/extensions thereof.

d) Using the car for non-agreed purposes.

e) If the accident occurred outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and it was not agreed in the agreement to use the car outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

f) In case the vehicle is stolen due to the negligence of the customer/renter or stolen while the engine is running.

13- Additional insurance:

iDrive provides the customer with additional insurance at an additional fee, according to which the customer is exempted from the amount incurred when the accident occurs to the customer, according to the following conditions:

The renter must request and agree to add additional insurance at the time of booking and preparing the agreement.

That the conditions of insurance companies apply to the customer in accordance with the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to all conditions mentioned in comprehensive insurance.

All insurance conditions mentioned in Clause (12) must be met.

The tenant does not have the right to request a refund of the additional security deposit paid if an accident does not occur.

14- iDrive’s responsibility and obligations:

iDrive Responsibility:

It shall be responsible in accordance with the legal provisions for any damage resulting intentionally or through gross negligence on the part of iDrive or its representatives or agents.

iDrive’s liability for slight negligence shall be limited to the amount of damages typically expected for this type of contract and shall only apply in the event of breach of a material contractual obligation. Material contractual obligations are obligations whose fulfillment forms the basis for the correct performance of the agreement and on which the customer can generally rely. The provisions of this Section apply equally to the legal representatives of iDrive and their agents.

iDrive takes full responsibility for failure to verify the authenticity of the following if it is not caused by the customer: (a copy of the customer’s ID – a copy of the driver’s driving license – inclusion in the contract of how to evaluate the damage resulting from accidents, including the liability of third parties and additional individuals licensed to drive The vehicle under the agreement and other passengers.)

iDrive Commitments: iDrive is committed to:

The suitability and safety of the car in the event of a technical malfunction in the car that is not due to negligence or negligence on the part of the customer, then the car is replaced with another car of the same category.

Receiving the vehicle after an accident occurs, and the date and time of the accident report are considered the expiration date of the agreement, unless the vehicle has been stopped by a legitimate authority or a third party for reasons not related to iDrive, and the customer/renter shall bear the rental cost until it is actually collected.

Request a copy of a valid driver’s license for Saudi citizens, as it contains all the data necessary to initiate a car rental agreement, or a valid residency/residency or driving license for foreigners, in addition to a personal photo with personal identification.
Failure to refrain, for any reason, from receiving the car from the renter when returning it.

15 – Customer responsibility

(1) Customer’s responsibility:

a) The customer will be responsible for any damage incurred by iDrive that was clearly caused by the customer. This includes, but is not limited to, theft, damage or loss of the iDrive vehicle, its keys and/or accessories. In addition, the customer will be fully responsible if damage or loss to the relevant iDrive vehicle or any damage to third parties results from the customer’s breach of these general terms and conditions of iDrive, any legal provisions or the general terms and conditions of vehicle insurance on the part of the customer. Or any party and this breach affects the insurance cover. In this case, the customer is fully responsible and there is no insurance cover under the vehicle. The customer must compensate iDrive from any claims from a third party.

b) In the event of an accident occurring due to the fault of the customer himself, the customer’s responsibility shall be the agreed upon amount of deductible. We also extend the customer’s responsibility to accidental damage and what accompanies the requirements of the accident such as expert fees, towing fees, depreciation, loss costs, rental fees, and raising the insurance category for Policyholders, additional administrative costs.

c) The customer will be responsible for the consequences of traffic violations or criminal offenses committed with an iDrive vehicle. The customer is responsible for paying all fees and costs from third parties. To process traffic violations (warnings, fees, fines, etc.), the customer must pay a processing fee to iDrive for each instance. The amount of processing fee shall be based on applicable tariff regulations.

d) In the event that the customer causes an accident outside the green zone, the customer will bear the costs arising from returning the vehicle in the green zone after completing its repair.

e) If iDrive has to transport the vehicle or if a third party operates a towing service, the costs of this service and additional fees must be borne by the customer in accordance with the current fee policy.

f) The Customer must pay a contractual penalty in accordance with the current fee policy if the Customer allows an unauthorized person to use the iDrive vehicle (see Clause 4 (2). The right to claim further damages is not affected. In this case, the contractual penalty is deducted from such damages. .

g) In the event of any initial breach of the penalty, including late payment, iDrive has the right to temporarily exclude the relevant customer from using any iDrive vehicles. The Customer will be informed of any such exclusion by email.

h) The relevant fees will not be charged to the extent that the Customer proves that he/she is not responsible for the damage, or that no damage occurred.

i) The vehicle must not be used on rough or unpaved roads that are not designated for vehicle use.

j) We do not accept any responsibility for any personal belongings and lost items of any kind that you leave in or on the vehicle at the end of the period of use or transport in the vehicle during the period of use. If you leave personal items and do not collect them from us within 7 days of the end of the rental period, you agree that you will be deemed to have abandoned such personal items and that we may take any action we deem necessary in relation to that item (including destruction or disposal).

k) If the Vehicle is impounded or impounded due to your actions, you remain responsible for paying all rental fees due on the Vehicle for the remainder of the rental period, and if the remaining period is long, until the Vehicle is released.

l) Equipment and documents become the responsibility of the customer once the vehicle is delivered to him electronically.

m) The customer must not perform any maintenance or repair on the vehicle. If the car is not performing as required or appears to be in need of maintenance or repair, in this case the customer must inform iDrive immediately so that appropriate measures can be taken.

n) The customer fully bears the amount of repairing the vehicle if it is outside the green zone, and iDrive does not bear any responsibility or any amounts. The responsibility for repairing the vehicle from iDrive is limited only within the green zone.

o) The customer is obligated to respond immediately to iDrive in the event that the authorization expires, in order to renew it if he does not complete the trip, otherwise he will be considered responsible for paying any financial violation, if any.

p) The customer is obligated to change the vehicle’s oils if the iDrive team contacts him at the points with which he has contracted, otherwise he will be responsible for any damage to the vehicle or its engines.

16- Termination of the main agreement

The main agreement is concluded for an indefinite period; Both parties have the right to terminate the Master Agreement upon two (2) weeks’ written notice at the end of each calendar

month. If a minimum fee is agreed upon at the same time, the Master Agreement may also be terminated upon two (2) weeks notice in accordance with the end of the agreed minimum term.

Right of termination of the contracting parties: iDrive has the right to terminate the contract without notice, in particular, if the customer:

a) He did not pay in two due installments.

b) Non-payment.

c) A company, private fund, or dealer, who is acting in a professional or business capacity with a professional profession when the agreement is entered into and is unable to make the payments.

d) When the customer records false data or conceals facts in the context of the contractual relationship.

e) When you continue to violate the agreement or do not immediately address the resulting consequences despite written warnings.

f) Recording the client under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
g) Passing the customer’s iDrive login data to another person, in violation of Clause 4 (2).

(3) In the event that the Master Agreement is terminated or iDrive terminates the Agreement without notice, access to the Vehicles will be blocked immediately upon receipt of the relevant termination notice. If the iDrive vehicle is in a location under the customer’s control and cannot be accessed by iDrive employees or other iDrive customers, for example (home garage), the customer must enable iDrive employees to remove and return the vehicle, otherwise the necessary measures will be taken to return the vehicle. Notify the relevant authorities to take the necessary measures and withdraw them from the competent authorities.

(4) In the event of termination of the Master Agreement or the Individual Lease Contract for the reason stated in the above paragraph, iDrive shall be entitled to demand in particular:

a) Immediate termination of the trip for any LiDrive vehicle used by the relevant customers. And take it out to the green zone. In the event that the customer fails to return the iDrive car immediately, the iDrive company has the right to own the iDrive car at the customer’s expense.

b) Pay the installments until the relevant iDrive vehicle is returned.

c) Claiming compensation for damages, iDrive will sue the customer for the damage he actually caused.

17-Applicable codes of conduct

iDrive adheres to our Privacy Policy, which can be accessed continuously at

18-General provisions.

These general terms and conditions are governed by the law in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

There are no verbal sub-agreements. Any written changes and amendments must be made in writing via email.

If one or more provisions of these terms and conditions are invalid, this does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

Upon signing this agreement. The Customer acknowledges all information contained in this Agreement and what affects it.

19-Customer service/complaints

The Customer may use the contact details provided in Section 1(1) above in the event of questions, lost items or complaints by telephone or email.

20-Terms and conditions of the agreement:

1-The customer acknowledges the right of iDrive Car Rental to consider using the car and withdraw it if incorrect information is given by the customer.

The daily distance covered under this agreement may be up to 200 km and the additional kilometers will be charged according to the price plan published on the website. According to the details. If the Customer does not request an extension of this agreement, or if iDrive Rental does not agree to extend the agreement, the Customer will bear an additional allowance of 50% of the daily cost for additional delays exceeding 48 hours. Until the car returns to iDrive or the car is recovered by iDrive, in addition to paying the costs of accidents, traffic violations, and damages. If it exists.

The vehicle is rented to be used solely for the customer’s personal use and the customer is not entitled to make any modifications to the vehicle such as tampering with the odometer or removing the iDrive sticker and must ensure that the fuel and oils of the vehicle are suitable for use as specified by the vehicle manufacturer and/or authorized distributor in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

During the term of the agreement, iDrive Car Rental has the right to recover the vehicle through the competent authorities at the renter’s expense and without any prior notice, in the following cases: If the customer does not return the vehicle at the time and date specified in the agreement or the appendix. Using the vehicle in violation of the terms and conditions of the agreement, if it turns out that the customer has provided incorrect information at the time of rental.

Insurance: E-Drive Car Rental provides comprehensive insurance that covers liability for accidents towards others in addition to the rented car in exchange for a deductible amount paid by the renter when an accident occurs. See Article (12)

The customer/renter may not assign iDrive car rental rights to any other party, and the customer/renter must not represent iDrive before any authority.

Periodic maintenance and sudden vehicle malfunctions The customer/renter must return the vehicle to iDrive if periodic maintenance is required according to the car manufacturing company or its authorized agent in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The customer/renter must return the vehicle to iDrive for any repair as a result of a sudden malfunction or notify iDrive to recover the vehicle if it is not roadworthy. In both of the above cases, the customer/renter shall not undertake any repairs to the vehicle in any workshops not owned by iDrive Car Rental Company without obtaining written approval from iDrive Company.

The customer bears full responsibility and all related costs when violating the regulations and instructions as follows: Traffic violations caused by the driver throughout the term of the agreement and/or while the vehicle is in his custody, any other violations caused by the customer/renter due to misuse of the vehicle or illegal use of the vehicle as It is specified by the transportation authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the duration of the agreement and/or while the vehicle is in his custody. In the event of an accident and the customer/renter’s non-compliance with the terms and conditions of the insurance company throughout the term of the agreement and/or while the vehicle is in his custody, in the event that the client/renter fails to insure the vehicle at the international level upon being granted authorization by iDrive for international use. If the car is not returned to iDrive.