IDRIVE-KSA Terms & Conditions

Subject matter

 IDRIVE-KSA (SKOP GROUP COMPANY) – RIYADH – Phone: 920004932, E-mail: INFO@IDRIVE-KSA.COM, Tax Number: 310051148100003 (hereinafter referred to as “IDRIVE”) operates the carsharing concept via smart mobile app IDRIVE. IDRIVE leases out IDRIVE vehicles to registered customers within a defined green zone area, subject to availability. (2) The present General Terms and Conditions shall apply to the registration (master agreement) and the lease of IDRIVE vehicles (individual lease agreement). With entering the master data (name, surname, address, email, date of birth and private mobile number) and acceptance of this General Terms and Conditions the master agreement is entered into between such customer and IDRIVE. Upon leasing IDRIVE vehicles, the present General Terms and Conditions shall be supplemented by the general terms and conditions for motor vehicle insurance and the fee policy. The conclusion of the master agreement shall neither for IDRIVE nor for the Customer create a right to demand that individual lease agreements are entered into. The applicable prices and fees shall exclusively be the current prices and fees at the time of booking, as stipulated in the fee policy and available at In the case of customers who have already entered into a master agreement with another local IDRIVE company, the master agreement with IDRIVE is entered into when the respective Customer leases a vehicle of IDRIVE for the first time. (3) IDRIVE reserves the right to reject the registration of a Customer if there is reason to assume that he/she will not act in accordance with the agreement. (4) IDRIVE expressly reserves the right to make reasonable amendments to the General Terms and Conditions and the fee policy. Any amendments shall be announced to the customer by email and by publication on the IDRIVE website ( the IDRIVE App. Changes shall be deemed approved if the Customer does not object to them in writing within one (1) month of the announcement of the respective change. IDRIVE shall specifically point this consequence out when announcing the amendment. For the objection to be deemed made in time, the dispatch date shall be decisive. (5) The contract can be concluded in //LOCAL LANGUAGE// (ARABIC) language. The contract terms will be stored by IDRIVE after conclusion of the contract but are no longer accessible to you. In the event of any conflict between the //LOCAL LANGUAGE// (ARABIC) and the English version of these General Terms and Conditions, the //LOCAL LANGUAGE// (ARABIC) version shall prevail.


\”Customer\” shall mean an individual or an entity that has properly and successfully registered with IDRIVE and entered into a valid master agreement with IDRIVE.(2) \”IDRIVE App\” is a smartphone application that serves, inter alia, as access medium for booking and leasing IDRIVE vehicles, to the extent this is technically possible at the respective IDRIVE location. For details on the technical availability and the functional scope of the IDRIVE App at each IDRIVE site, please refer to IDRIVE’s Internet portal. it is also possible to use apps of other providers that are officially authorized by IDRIVE for leasing and terminating a lease of IDRIVE vehicles. (3) \”Green zone \” is the area in a IDRIVE city within the boundaries of which the IDRIVE vehicle can be rented and returned. A green zone may consist of various zones. For returning the IDRIVE vehicle to a specially designated zone, fees may be incurred in accordance with the fee policy. The green zone areas in the IDRIVE cities can be viewed, in their current form, in the IDRIVE Internet portal and in the IDRIVE App. (4) //COUNTRY// license and other Valid license are accepted as a \”valid driver’s license\”.

Settlement account, user data

.1To be able to lease, book, and use the IDRIVE vehicle, the Customer must: a) Either have selected a payment method (e.g. debit/credit card) on the app. Have an active account with payment function, which is accepted by IDRIVE. b) In the standard payment profile, the account holder or the debit/credit cardholder must match the Customer. The Customer must keep the personal data he/she entered the IDRIVE user account up to date. This shall apply to the Customer’s address, email address, mobile phone number, driver’s license information and bank details and/or debit/credit card information. If the data is demonstrably out of date (e.g. email cannot be delivered, mobile phone number is outdated), IDRIVE reserves the right to temporarily block such Customer’s account. (2), it is not allowed to disclose the Customer login data (IDRIVE user name, IDRIVE password, and to any third party. This shall also apply if such third parties are Customers themselves. For every case of noncompliance, the Customer shall pay a contractual penalty in the amount of 5000 SR. The right to claim further damages shall remain unaffected. In this case, the contractual penalty shall be deducted from such further damages.

Right to drive, driver’s license validation

(1) The right to take over and drive IDRIVE vehicles shall be limited to individuals who a) Have reached a minimum age of 18 years and have had a valid driver’s license for car. b) Carry their valid driver’s license with them during the term of the lease and comply with all conditions and requirements set out therein, if any. c) Customers, even if they use a vehicle for the account of a Business Customer or other Customer under a cross account use arrangement (see Section 3 (1) b) above). d) Have an active account with IDRIVE, a different provider or a different IDRIVE national company that has been officially authorized by IDRIVE for the rental and return of IDRIVE vehicles.(2) IDRIVE has the right to ask Customers who are individuals to appear in person at IDRIVE or an official validation partner of IDRIVE (validation point) and identify themselves by presenting their driver’s license and suitable personal identification documents to have their driver’s license validated (against a fee). Or, where applicable, validate their drivers’ license through the online validation process according to the instructions. For driving licenses from outside Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the means of access will be activated only in person at any point of Validation IDRIVE along with the passport. (4) If the driver’s license is withdrawn or lost, the right to drive the IDRIVE vehicle shall immediately be suspended for the duration of the withdrawal or loss. The same shall apply for the duration of a driving ban. Customers shall notify IDRIVE without undue delay of the suspension or limitation of their right to drive, any driving bans becoming effective or any temporary securing or seizure of their driver’s license.

Access tools (IDRIVE App)

(1) The means of access for IDRIVE vehicles is the IDRIVE App.(2) To be able to use the IDRIVE App as an access tool, the Customer must have a cell phone that is compatible with the technical requirements of the IDRIVE App. For every download of the App, the system automatically checks whether the cell phone is compatible with such requirements; IDRIVE does not guarantee compatibility in that respect. The Customer personally shall provide the possibility of mobile data communication and shall bear any data transmission costs which become payable to the Customer’s mobile service provider. (3) It is prohibited to read out, copy or manipulate an access tool by means of information technology. Any noncompliance will immediately lead to the exclusion from IDRIVE and the Customer shall bear the costs of any damage resulting from noncompliance, if any.(4) The Customer shall report a loss or the destruction of an access tool to IDRIVE without undue delay (via the Internet portal or by telephone to the service center) to enable IDRIVE to block such access tool and prevent misuse. The Customer shall be informed by email that the access tool has been blocked. (5) During the registration process, the Customer will create a password to access confidential information and functions on the Internet portal (e.g. viewing invoices, viewing/changing personal/business data). In addition, the Customer is obligated to keep the password strictly confidential and protect them from access by any third party. In particular, the Customer must not at any rate note or store the password on an access tool or its carrier medium or otherwise keep them near the access tool. The Customer shall inform IDRIVE and change the password immediately if there is reason to Assume that it/they might have been disclosed to any third party.(6) The Customer shall, within the statutory limits, be liable for any damage caused by the loss of the access tools, in particular if a theft, damage or a misuse of a IDRIVE vehicle became possible as a result of such loss.(7) The IDRIVE password and the access tools shall be kept separately. The Customer shall be liable for any noncompliance.

Booking and conclusion of individual lease agreements

(1) Registered and validated Customers may lease IDRIVE vehicles. It is only possible to use IDRIVE vehicles that figure as available at IDRIVE app. (2). The order may be placed via the IDRIVE App. IDRIVE is entitled to reject the order if the selected vehicle is not available to meet the booking request. In individual cases, there may be deviations between the actual and the indicated location also due to inaccuracies of the GPS signal. IDRIVE does not assume any liability in that respect. (3) The lease agreement on the use of a IDRIVE vehicle is entered into when the Customer starts the lease with his access device and the onboard computer of the IDRIVE vehicle has confirmed the lease by opening the central locking. Before driving off, the Customer is obliged to check the IDRIVE vehicle for any visible defect, damage, and gross soiling and to report them to IDRIVE via the IDRIVE App or by telephone. In the case of serious damage, the Customer shall contact IDRIVE by telephone to report the nature and seriousness of the defect, damage and/or soiling. To enable a correct allocation of the damage to the person causing the damage, it is indispensable to make the report before starting the engine. The Customer is obliged to provide the corresponding information completely and truthfully. IDRIVE is entitled to prohibit the use of the IDRIVE vehicle if the driving safety seems impaired. (4) IDRIVE is entitled to call the Customer under the cell phone number registered in the personal data if the usage process is interrupted. IDRIVE is entitled to prohibit any further use of the IDRIVE vehicle if there is reason to assume a violation of the agreement (e.g. breach of Section 9).(5) The term of the individual lease agreement shall commence upon entering into the agreement and end when the Customer has properly terminated the lease pursuant to Section 10 or if IDRIVE is entitled to terminate the rental in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions and terminates the rental unilaterally. (6) IDRIVE is entitled to take back the IDRIVE vehicle and replace it by a comparable IDRIVE vehicle at any time in coordination with the Customer. (7) Taking account of the state of the art the provision of services may be subject to restrictions and inaccuracies that are outside of IDRIVE’s control. This applies in particular with regard to the availability of mobile data services provided by mobile network operators, the (8) Having successfully validated the driver’s license, IDRIVE shall activate such Customer’s access tools for a maximum of (12) months. To activate the Customer’s access tools for another (12) months.  (9) The Customer shall again appear at a validation point and personally present his/her valid driver’s license or, where applicable use the online validation process according to the instructions. For driving licenses from outside Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the means of access will be activated for a maximum term of one (12) months from the Activation and only in person at any point of Validation IDRIVE along with the passport. Irrespective thereof, IDRIVE reserves the right to request the Customer at any time, for purposes of checking the driver’s license, to appear at a validation point and present his/her valid driver’s license. If the Customer fails to comply with this request, IDRIVE may block such Customer’s access tools. (10) The unavailability of the mobile network may in particular cases cause specific services to be unavailable because the required data transfer does not work. Also, these services may be affected by atmospheric interferences, topographic conditions or Obstacles (e.g. bridges, tunnels, buildings). The same applies for the positioning services based on the global navigation satellite system. Also, the use of the Internet may be subject to additional restrictions (e.g. network overload). Furthermore, temporary capacity shortages may be a consequence of load peaks of the services; the mobile or fixed line networks or the Internet. Disturbances may also result from force majeure including strikes, lock outs and orders from public administration as well as from technical and other measures (e.g. repair, maintenance, software updates, enhancements) conducted at equipment of IDRIVE, suppliers, service and content providers as well as network operators that are required for a proper or improved provision of the services. The use of the services via the IDRIVE App and/or the IDRIVE Internet portal may also be subject to limitations and inaccuracies due to the no availability or interferences or disturbances of the IDRIVE App and/or the IDRIVE Internet portal or of the compatible device (e.g. due to reasons of force majeure or due to technical or other measures like maintenance, software updates, enhancements for the IDRIVE App and/or the IDRIVE Internet portal).

Prices, default in payment, free minutes, credit balance

(1) The Customer shall pay the prices for the selected rate applicable at the commencement of the individual lease. The relevant rate is displayed to the Customer prior to each lease within the IDRIVE App. All rates and fees are set out in the fee policy as amended from time to time. The prices are end prices that include the applicable statutory VAT. The payment shall be due upon termination of the individual lease agreement. (2) The Price may not include Fuel, Service of delivery or Collection. (3) A credit balance can be acquired in the form of free hours; it is also possible that free hours are granted in the course of promotional activities. The relevant conditions apply. (4) If a Customer receives a credit balance, it will be credited to the account within 20-5 working days. Funds and free hours can only be credited on the Customer’s standard payment profile (private). If the Customer’s account contains a credit balance that is locally redeemable, the relevant credit balance will at first be consumed for the Customer’s usage. The respective credit funds or free hours expiring the soonest will be consumed first. To the extent the Customer does not have funds or free hours on his/her account, – or the usage exceeds the respective existing funds or free hours – the Customer’s standard payment profile will be used for the charges. The Customer can view the current status of his/her funds or free hours respectively at any time in the IDRIVE App or the IDRIVE Account. Any allotments not used within the validity period of the respective funds or free hours shall be forfeited.(5) The credit balance with IDRIVE cannot be used in case of an individual lease agreement entered into with another local IDRIVE company.(6) The credit balance can be used for the following rates and fees: Driving, parking, airport rates, zone specific.(7) The use of IDRIVE vehicles shall – in line with the Customer’s selection in the individual lease agreement – be accounted for in accordance with the respective standard rates per hour or day or week or month.(8) Payments as Customer shall be made according to the selected payment method. The Customer shall ensure that his/her credit card has sufficient cover. If the amount debited is charged back by the bank and the Customer is responsible for this, the Customer shall pay the bank expenses and, subsequently, a dunning charge in accordance with the current fee policy. IDRIVE reserves the right to reject any means of payment specified by the Customer and, if several means of payment have been specified, to change the means of payment selected as default means of payment by the Customer; this shall be communicated to the Customer in advance, if applicable. Payments as a Customer shall be made by bank transfer or by credit/debit card upon periodic invoicing.

General obligations of the Customer / prohibitions

(1) If the Customer is hereinafter obliged to contact IDRIVE, he/she shall use the telephone number specified in the IDRIVE App. Alternatively, he/she may also use a telephone installation of the IDRIVE vehicle, if available.(2) The Customer is obliged to: a) Treat the IDRIVE vehicle carefully and gently, in particular to observe the provisions of the manufacturer’s operation manual .b) Notify IDRIVE immediately of any damage resulting from violence or accident or of any gross soiling;c) Generally protect the IDRIVE vehicle against theft (windows must be closed and the central locking locked);d) Check the operating liquids and the tire pressure on extended trips at regular intervals and, if necessary, adjust them;e) Ensure that the IDRIVE vehicle is only used if it is in a state providing for operational and road safety;f) Fulfill all statutory requirements in connection with the operation of the IDRIVE vehicle, in particular under the //COUNTRY// Road Traffic Act and the //COUNTRY// Traffic Code , to the extent they are not assumed by IDRIVE under this agreement;g) Stop immediately if a warning light flashes up in the dashboard display and contact IDRIVE to discuss whether the trip may be continued; and(3) The Customer must not:a) Drive the IDRIVE vehicle under the influence of alcohol, drugs or pharmaceuticals, which might impair his/her fitness to drive. A strict ban on alcohol (0.0‰) applies; The customer expressly and irrevocably authorizes IDRIVE to debit from its Credit card and / or current account or impute against the guarantees that would have been granted all rental costs and any other amount due according to the agreement in this Contract, including but not limited to: (a) the amount claimed for fines and / or sanctions issued by the competent authority; (B) the amount resulting from the damages and missing. (C) charges for the return of the vehicle with the empty Fuel tank. The value per liter: It is indicated in the tariff table. The CLIENT also agrees to Debit the administrative and / or professional costs that such breaches cause to IDRIVE SA. In case fines are received for infractions committed during the rental period, IDRIVE SA will make the payment of the same and will transfer the cost to the customer indicated in the tariff table. In terms of management and administrative expenses. b) Deactivate the passenger airbag;c) Use the IDRIVE vehicle for cross-country trips, motor sports events or races of any kind;d) Use the IDRIVE vehicle for vehicle tests, driving trainings or for transporting persons on commercial terms;e) Use the IDRIVE vehicle to transport easily inflammable, poisonous or otherwise hazardous substances to the extent they significantly exceed household quantities;f) Use the IDRIVE vehicle to transport objects or substances that might impair driving safety or damage the interior of the vehicle due to their nature, size, form or weight;g) Use the IDRIVE vehicle to commit criminal offenses;h) Smoke or allow others to smoke in the IDRIVE vehicle;i) Take animals into the IDRIVE vehicle, unless they are in a closed cage that is safely placed in the trunk;j) Grossly soil the IDRIVE vehicle or leave any kind of waste in the IDRIVE vehicle;k) Carry more passengers than the number permitted by the vehicle registration;l) Carry out repairs or any alterations to the IDRIVE vehicle or have such repairs or alterations carried out on the Customer’s own authority;m) Transport children or babies without a necessary seat elevation/ child seat. The Customer must observe all instructions of the manufacturer relating to the installation of baby seats;n) Make trips abroad with the IDRIVE vehicle without express authorization of the Company. (4) In the interest of the environment, the general public, and the other Customers, the Customer’s driving style shall be environmentally sound and fuel-efficient.

End of lease

(1) If the Customer wants to terminate a lease (and, thereby terminate the individual lease agreement), the Customer is obliged: a) To inform himself/herself about the parking possibilities approved by IDRIVE in the respective city and to park the IDRIVE vehicle properly and in accordance with the Saudi Traffic Code either in a specifically marked parking space provided by IDRIVE or, if it is allowed to park the vehicle there, in a paying or nonpaying public car park. Any breach of traffic rules or prohibitions imposed by the owner of the respective space shall be at the Customer’s expense. b) Not to terminate the IDRIVE lease on any private or business premises or handicapped dedicated parking (e.g. parking garages, backyards, etc which are not expressly marked as IDRIVE car parks. The prohibition shall also apply to customer car parks of shopping centers supermarkets, restaurants etc. The IDRIVE vehicle must be accessible for everybody at any time. c) To return keys, and if applicable, parking card by putting them into the fixture provided for this purpose. d) To make sure that the parking brake has been put on, all windows and doors have been fully closed and all lights have been switched off; and e) To make sure that no waste or gross soiling’s are left in the IDRIVE vehicle.(2) The lease can only be terminated a) If the IDRIVE vehicle is located within the green zone area in which the rental was started. The limits of the green zone area can be viewed in the IDRIVE App. b) If a cell phone connection can be established at the location of the IDRIVE vehicle. Where this is not possible in an exceptional case, the Customer must relocate the IDRIVE vehicle accordingly. (3) When the vehicle is parked, the end of a rental process is automatically initiated when the key have been returned to the holder provided, and the windows and doors have been closed (see Section 10 (1)). In addition, the customer may end the rental process via their means of access. Provided that the IDRIVE vehicle confirms the end of the rental process by locking the central locking system, the rental process is indeed ended. If the customer leaves the IDRIVE vehicle although the rental process is not ended, the rental shall continue, at the expense of the customer. (4) If the lease cannot be terminated, the Customer shall promptly notify IDRIVE accordingly and to stay with the vehicle until the service center has made a decision on how to proceed. IDRIVE shall reimburse any additional lease costs incurred after a review if the Customer is not at fault. For example, the Customer is at fault if the IDRIVE vehicle does not allow a termination of the lease because the vehicle keys are not in the vehicle, if the doors are not closed or if the vehicle is located outside of the green zone area. (5) If the Customer fails to return the vehicle keys together with the IDRIVE vehicle upon termination of the lease, the Customer has to return all accessories to IDRIVE no later than within 12 hours after termination of the lease.(6) In case of an accident after which the vehicle can no longer be moved, the lease shall end at the latest upon handover of the vehicle to the towing company.

Handling of accidents, damage, defects and repairs; traffic offenses; suspicion of fraud

 The Customer shall report any accidents, damage and defects occurring during the trip to IDRIVE’s service center without undue delay. The same shall apply to any accidents, damage and defects the IDRIVE vehicle shows already at the commencement of the lease, cf. Section 6 (3).(2) The Customer shall ensure that any accidents involving a IDRIVE vehicle driven by the Customer are reported to and recorded by the police/Najm. If the police/Najm refuse to record the details of an accident, the Customer shall inform IDRIVE’s service center accordingly without undue delay by telephone and provide evidence, if applicable. In any such event, the Customer shall consult the service center on how to proceed and follow the instructions of the service center. This shall apply irrespective of whether the accident was caused by the Customer or by a third party. The Customer may only leave the scene of the accident after. A) The acquisition of accident data by the police/Najm has been finished (or, where this is not possible, after the IDRIVE service center has been informed accordingly pursuant to this Section 11 (2)), and b) Measures to preserve the evidence and to mitigate the damage have been taken in consultation with IDRIVE, and c) The vehicle has been handed over to a towing company or otherwise safely deposited in consultation with IDRIVE or has been removed by the Customer.(3) Irrespective of whether an accident that the Customer is obliged to report to IDRIVE was caused by the Customer or by a third party, IDRIVE will provide the Customer with a damage report form after the accident has been reported. The Customer shall fully complete and return this form to IDRIVE within 7 days. Should IDRIVE not receive a written damage report within this period, the insurance will be unable to settle the claim. In this event, IDRIVE reserves the right to charge to the Customer any costs for damages to persons, items and vehicles that are related to the accident. (4) IDRIVE shall be entitled to any compensation paid in relation to damage to the IDRIVE vehicle. If the Customer has received any such payments, the Customer has to transfer them to IDRIVE without further demand. (5) Upon IDRIVE’s request, the Customer shall indicate the precise location of the IDRIVE vehicle at any time and permit an inspection of the vehicle. (6) In case of good cause (e.g. in case of a suspicion of fraud) IDRIVE may inhibit the use of the vehicle (e.g. by remote disabling of the parking vehicle). Vehicles shall always be parked securely and in line with traffic conditions.

Insurance cover

The IDRIVE vehicle has third party liability insurance cover. In addition, the Customer’s liability for damage to the IDRIVE vehicle is limited and corresponds to a fully comprehensive cover including a partially comprehensive cover with a deductible pursuant to the following provisions. Only an authorized Customer shall benefit from the insurance coverage. (2) If the IDRIVE vehicle is damaged while the Customer uses it or if the Customer causes damage, the Customer shall be liable up to a deductible in the amount of any damages, depending on the category of the Car. (3) In case of overturn and / or breakage of airbags of the \”IDRIVE\” vehicle, the amount of the franchise Is automatically quadrupled (4) Unless otherwise stipulated hereinafter, the aforementioned insurance and the aforementioned limitation of liability shall be subject to the policy and the general terms and conditions for motor vehicle mandatory insurance as established by Saudi Insurance Contract Act.(5) Should the Customer breach any obligation under the Insurance Act and should this lead to a release of the insurer from its obligation to pay, the insurance coverage pursuant to Section 12 (1) will not apply. The limitation of liability to the (reduced) deductible shall not apply in any such case. (6) The insurance cover shall not apply if the damage was caused intentionally. (7) In case the damage was caused with gross negligence, the Customer shall be liable to IDRIVE pursuant to the Saudi Insurance Contract Act. In case of damages to a vehicle the Customer’s liability is limited to the agreed deductible if the IDRIVE vehicle has been used in accordance with the agreement and the damage has been notified without undue delay. The limitation of liability to the amount of the agreed deductible shall not apply where the Customer caused a mechanical damage by an operating error (e.g. damage to the engine as a result of misfiling, etc.), by gross negligence or intentionally or in the event of a breach of Section 8 (3) a).

IDRIVE’s liability

IDRIVE shall be liable in accordance with the statutory provisions for any damage caused intentionally or by gross negligence by IDRIVE or its representatives or vicarious agents. (2) IDRIVE’s liability for slight negligence shall be limited to the amount of the foreseeable damages typical for this type of contract and shall only apply in case of a breach of a material contractual obligation. Material contractual obligations shall be obligations the fulfillment of which forms the basis for the proper performance of the agreement and on which the Customer may generally rely. The provisions of this Section 13 (2) shall equally apply to IDRIVE’s legal representatives and vicarious agents.

Customer’s liability, contractual penalties, exclusion from use

 The Customer shall be liable for any damage incurred by IDRIVE that the Customer culpably caused. This shall include without limitation the theft of, damage to or loss of the IDRIVE vehicle, its keys and/or accessories. In addition, the Customer shall be fully liable if the damage to or loss of the relevant IDRIVE vehicle or any damage to third parties has been caused by a culpable breach of these IDRIVE General Terms and Conditions, any statutory provisions or the general terms and conditions for motor vehicle insurance on the part of the Customer or any party for whom the Customer is responsible and this breach affected the insurance cover. In the event that the Customer is liable and there is no insurance cover under the vehicle insurance, the Customer shall indemnify IDRIVE from any third party claims.(2) In the event of an accident due to the Customer’s own fault, the Customer’s liability shall, up to the amount of the agreed deductible, also extend to the incidental damage such as expert’s fees, towing charges, diminished value, costs for the loss of lease fees, raising of the policyholder’s premium rate category, additional administration costs.(3) The customer is liable for the consequences of traffic offences or criminal offences committed with the IDRIVE vehicle. The customer shall pay all resulting fees and costs and shall release IDRIVE fully from any claims of third parties. For the processing of traffic offences (cautions, fees, fines, etc.), the customer shall pay a processing fee to IDRIVE for each instance. The amount of the processing fee shall be based on the applicable tariff regulations.(4) In case the Customer causes an accident outside the green zone area, the Customer shall bear the costs arising from returning the vehicle in the green zone area after completed repair.(5) If due to a breach of Section 9 it is necessary for IDRIVE to relocate the vehicle or if a third party engages a towing service, the Customer shall bear the costs for such service and additional fees in accordance with the current fee policy.(6) The Customer shall pay a contractual penalty in accordance with the current fee policy if the Customer lets a person who is not an authorized driver use the IDRIVE vehicle (cf. Section 3 (3)). The right to claim further damages shall remain unaffected. In this case, the contractual penalty shall be deducted from such damages. (7) In the event of any material culpable breach of contract, including a default in payment, IDRIVE may temporarily or permanently exclude the relevant Customer with immediate effect from using any IDRIVE vehicles. The Customer will be informed of any such exclusion by email.(8) The respective fees will not be charged to the extent the Customer proves that he/she is not responsible for the damage, or that no damage occurred.(9) You must not use the vehicle off-road.(10) We accept no liability for any items of any kind You leave in or on the vehicle at the end of Your period of use or You transport in the vehicle during the period of use. If You leave an item and do not collect it from Us within six months of the end of the rental period, You agree that You will be considered to have abandoned such item and that We may take any action We deem necessary in relation to such item (including destruction or disposal).(11)If the vehicle is impounded or otherwise confiscated due to Your actions, You remain responsible for paying all rental charges due on the vehicle for the remainder of the rental period and, if longer, until the vehicle is released.

 Termination of the master agreement

The master agreement shall be concluded for an indefinite period; both parties are entitled to terminate the master agreement upon two (2) weeks’ notice in writing as per the end of each calendar month. If a minimum term has been agreed for simultaneously concluded fee packages, the master agreement may also be terminated by means of a standard termination upon two (2) weeks’ notice as per the end of the agreed minimum term. The contractual parties’ right of extraordinary termination remains unaffected. IDRIVE shall be entitled to termination without notice, in particular, if the customer: a)Is a consumer and defaults on two payments due;b) Stops payments in general;c) Is a legal entity under public law, a special fund under public law, or a trader, who was acting in a commercial or self-employed professional capacity when the framework agreement was concluded and has defaulted on payments due ;d) Makes false statements or omits facts when registering or in the course of the contractual relationship, making it unreasonable for IDRIVE to continue the agreement;e) Despite written warning, continues to be in serious breach of the agreement or does not immediately remedy consequences already arising from such breaches;f) Drives under the influence of alcohol or drugs;g) Passes on their customer login data (IDRIVE identification, IDRIVE password) to another person, in breach of Section 3 (3).(3) In the event that IDRIVE terminates the agreement without notice, access to IDRIVE vehicles will be blocked immediately upon receipt of the relevant notice of termination.(4) In the event that the master agreement or the individual lease agreement have been terminated for cause pursuant to the above paragraph, IDRIVE may claim in particular a) Immediate return of any IDRIVE vehicle currently used by the relevant Customer. Should the Customer fail to return the IDRIVE vehicle immediately, IDRIVE is entitled to take possession of the IDRIVE vehicle at the Customer’s expense;b) Lease installments until the relevant IDRIVE vehicle is returned;c) Claim for damages. In terms of damages, IDRIVE will charge the Customer the damage actually caused.

Applicable Codes of Conduct

We adhere to our Privacy Policy that is constantly accessible on website

General provisions

These General Terms and Conditions shall be governed by law in Saudi Arabia. (2) There are no oral ancillary agreements. Any changes and amendments shall be made in writing. An email suffices to satisfy the written form requirement. (3) Should one or several provisions of these Terms and Conditions be or become invalid or void, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

Customer Service / Complaints

The customer may use the contact details set out in Section 1 (1) above in case of questions, returns or complaints by letter, telephone or email.

Terms and Conditions of the Agreement

First: the foundations of Rent (Terms and Conditions of the Agreement) The customer acknowledges the right of IDRIVE Rent a Car to consider the vehicle stolen if incorrect information is given by the customer. This contract is renewable by mutual Agreement and new terms to be determined in the Agreement. The daily covered distance under this Agreement may reach 180 KM according to the price plan published in the website. Additional KM will be charge to the details mentioned in herein. In the event the customer does not request an extension to this Agreement, or if IDRIVE Rent a Car does not approve the extension of the Agreement, the customer shall bear an additional 50% premium of the daily cost for the extra delay exceeding 48 hours and until the return of the vehicle to the IDRIVE Rent a Car or the vehicle is retrieved by IDRIVE Rent a Car, in addition to paying the costs of Accidents, Traffic violations and damages. Neither party is allowed to make any amendments to this Agreement after signing it without the mutual approval of both parties’ approval. Second: IDRIVE Rent a Car Obligation The validity and safety of the Vehicle in a case of a technical malfunction in the Vehicle that not due to a default or negligence by the customer, then the Vehicle shall be replaced with another one from the same category. Collect the Vehicle that was involved in an accident and consider the date and time of the accident report as the end date of the Agreement, unless the Vehicle was ceased by a legitimate Authority or third party for reasons not related to IDRIVE Rent a Car, then the Customer/Renter shall bear the rent cost until actual Vehicle collection. Request a photocopy of a valid driving license for Saudi nationals, as they contain all the needed data to initiate a Vehicle rental Agreement and a photocopy of a valid passport, Valid residency/iqama or driving license for foreigners, in addition to a selfie with an ID. Bear full responsibility for not validating the following: – A copy of the identity of the customer – A copy of the driving license of the driver – Include in the contract how the damage caused by accidents is evaluated, including third party liability and the liability of the additional individuals authorized to drive the Vehicle under the Agreement and other passengers. – Not to abstain, for any reason, receiving the Vehicle from the tenant when it is returned Third: Customer’s/Renter’s obligations, upon signing this Agreement. The customer acknowledges all the information filled in this agreement and ail the following Vehicle: The whole Vehicle and subsequent additions such as, but not limited to tires. engine and other instruments. Equipment and document become the responsibility of the customer once the vehicle is handed ever to him electronically. The Vehicle was rented to be only used for the personal movement of the customer the customer has no right to make any adjustments/modifications to the Vehicle such as, tampering with odometer or the removal of IDRIVE Rent a Car’s sticker. He should make sure that the Vehicle Is appropriate for his needs to use the fuel and oil as determined by the Vehicle manufacturer and/or approved dealer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Return the Vehicle at the date and time specified in the Agreement/extension of the Agreement, and to the location mentioned thereof, and in the same operational status received, taking into account the normal consumption for the duration of the Agreement IDRIVE rent a Car has the right to recover the Vehicle and through the competent authorities at the tenant expense and without any prior notice, in the following Cases: If the customer does not return the Vehicle at the time and date specified in the Agreement or the extension. The use of the Vehicle in violation of the terms and conditions of the Agreement If it turns out that the customer has given incorrect information at the time of rent Individuals authorized to drive the Vehicle, are: The customer/renter, if he/she is holding a valid driving license The staff of the public authorities in emergency cases. Fourth: Terms of Use Customer/Renter undertakes that the Vehicle will not be used in the following cases: By people who are not authorized under the Agreement to drive the Vehicle If the car needs to be repaired or needs regular maintenance If operating the Vehicle causes damage to the motor or one of as components If the driver authorized under the Agreement is unable to drive the Vehicle for being under the influence of intoxicating substances or narcosis or suffering from a health reason prohibiting safe driving The transport of people or goods in return for money Participating In races Push or pull other Vehicles Use of the Vehicle on rough roads or no-paved anther no-dedicated for Vehicle use ways The Improper use of the Vehicle and/or negligence in use Towing a trailer without the prior consent or approval of IDRIVE Rent a Car Using the Vehicle for giving driving lessons to other Re-let or rent the Vehicle to others For purposes inconsistent with the regulations and laws of Saudi Arabia The use the Vehicle outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia unless agreed upon in the Agreement Fifth: Insurance Comprehensive IDRIVE Rent a Car provides comprehensive insurance that covers liability for accidents towards others in addition to the rented Vehicle, its driver and passengers in exchange for an amount paid by the metamere/renter when an accident occurs, according to the category of the rented vehicle (as explained in the front page of this Agreement) and according to the following terms and conditions: Age of renter not to be less than 21 years and not over 65 years. That the terms of the insurance companies apply to the customer/enter according to the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. That the contract is valid when the accident occurs. The customer/renter to inform IDRIVE Rent a Car and the legal authorities immediately after an accident has occurred or in the event of theft and provide them with all the needed information they require and to obtain and incident report from the relevant petite station. The insurance does not cover accidents in some cases, therefore, the customer/renter holds full responsibility to others and/or to IDRIVE Rent a Car. Some of the examples situations not covered by insurance are: If the driver was under the influence of intoxicating substances or narcotics if the driver is not authorized under the Agreement to drive (the vehicle the driver is not the customer/renter) If the accident happens after the end of the term of the Agreement and/or any renewals/extensions thereof. The use of the Vehicle for purposes not agreed upon If the accident occurred outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and it was not agreed in the Agreement to use the Vehicle outside KSA In the event the Vehicle is stolen because of the negligence of the customer/renter or stolen while the engine was running, or the contract is still electronically applicable and the car can be operated If an accident occur with another vehicle from IDRIVE For more details please see Insurance policy Additional IDRIVE Rent a Can provides additional Insurance for an additional daily premium added to the daily rent that relieves the customer/renter from the amount paid when an accident occurs, according to the following conditions: That the customer/renter requests to add the additional insurance, only when the Agreement is being prepared. That the terms of the insurance companies apply to the customer/renter according to the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia That all the conditions mentioned in the Comprehensive insurance, apply to the customer/renter of the Vehicle The customer/renter shall not ask to recover the paid premium for the Additional insurance if no accident occurs. Sixth: IDRIVE Rent a Car rights The customer/renter shall not waive the rights of IDRIVE Rent a Car to any other party The customer/renter should not represent IDRIVE Rent a car in front of any authority Seventh: Periodic maintenance and sudden malfunctions to the Vehicle The customer/renter must return the Vehicle to IDRIVE Rent a Car if it requires regular maintenance according to the Vehicle manufacturer or its approved dealer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The customer/renter must return the Vehicle to IDRIVE Rent a Car for any repair as 2 result of a sudden malfunction or to notify IDRIVE rent a Car to recover the Vehicle if it is not roadworthy. In both of the above two cases the customer/renter is not enticed to do any repairs to the Vehicle at any workshops that are not owned by IDRIVE Rent a Car without the written consent of IDRIVE Rent A Car. Eighth: Violation of Regulations and Instructions the Customer/renter shall hold full responsibility and all the costs related to the following. Traffic violations caused by the driver throughout the duration of the Agreement and/or during the presence of the car in his custody Any other violations caused by the Customer/Renter due to the misuse of the Vehicle or the use of the Vehicle illegally as stated by the traffic and transport authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia throughout the duration of the Agreement and/or during the presence of the car in his custody. In the event of an accident and the non-compliance of the Customer/Renter to the terms and conditions of the insurance company throughout the duration of the Agreement and/or during the presence of the car in his custody In the event the Customer/Renter fails to insure the Vehicle internationally when he is granted authorization by IDRIVE Rent a Car for international use. If the Vehicle is not returned to IDRIVE Rent a Car Ninth: Personal belongings of the Customer/Renter Customer /Renter shall bear full responsibility of Personal belongings left inside the Vehicle and is not entitled to claim for any compensation from IDRIVE Rent a Car for any missing personal Belongings after the return of the Vehicle. Tenth: Rental costs The Customer/renter shall bear the following costs during the duration of the Agreement and/or the duration of use of the Vehicle Car rental costs for the duration of the Rent and any extension thereof, or the duration of Vehicle usage without an extension according to the terms and conditions of the Agreement and according to the type and duration of the Agreement (daily / weekly / monthly) which is determined upon Vehicle return only. The estimated value of the Agreement is based on the expected Vehicle return date specified by the Customer/Renter, and the daily rent price can vary in the event the Vehicle was returned before or after the date specified by the Customer/Renter, which will affect the method of calculating the Agreement value and the method the daily basic Vehicle renting puce is used. Accident premium costs (comprehensive insurance) as mentioned in the front side of the contract. Cost of added option (additional insurance/Navigation System/Child Seat/International authorization/shipping charges) agreed upon when the Agreement is signed. The costs accompanied with misuse of the Vehicle Traffic violations caused by the Customer/Renter/Authorized driver of the Vehicle during the Term of the Agreement The costs accompanied with violation of laws and regulations Fare of used public and private parking spaces and what fines, penalties occur due to the parking spaces policy The cost of loss, replacement or tampering with any of the parts of the Vehicle and/or its equipment The costs of late return of the Vehicle than the date and time specified under the basic rent price specified in the Agreement, including the costs of accidents, traffic violations, and any damage or amounts paid by IDRIVE Rent a Car during the period of Vehicle use by the Customer/Renter. The cost of fuel difference in tank. If Vehicle is returned with fuel less than the quantity available at the date of Rent, the customer will pay the difference according to the fuel prices published in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in addition to a 15% premium as extra charges. Damages not covered by insurance as agreed in the Agreement Costs related to waiving IDRIVE Rent a Car rights to others The cost of repairing the modifications done to the vehicle by the Customer/Renter without getting the previous written consent of IDRIVE Rent a Car The client/member allows Idrive to deduct any amount payable from the registered credit card or any payment method approved including all fines, penalties or any fees as declared in the pricing model. Airport parking or any other parking fees will be charged from the customer in addition to administrative fees. IDrive has the right to take all legal procedures to claim the amounts not paid by the customer. IDrive is not responsible in any way for abandoned personal belongings. IDrive has the right to change the price policy at any time and notify the customer via the website. IDrive has the right to change the usage policy at any time and notify the customer via the website.. Any government fees or taxes Imposes on the use will be collected from the customer. The driver shall bear any criminal liability arising as a result of misuse or as a result of his actions without any liability to the company. The driver shall bear any traffic violations on the vehicle. The driver is obliged to stop the vehicle legally and appropriately and in case of violation, penalties and any costs will be borne by the customer in case of towing the vehicle plus 15% service charge. The driver is committed to not stop the vehicle in private parking or inside private or public properties that impede the reuse of the vehicle again and bear the costs of the vehicle throughout that period according to the price policy. The driver is obligated to not stop the car in places outside service coverage area. In case of cannot end the vehicle use, the driver must contact the customer service and notify them. In case of accidents, the driver is required to inform the concerned authorities and to pay the value of the excess according to the degree of membership. IDrive has the right to terminate the membership without giving any reasons. IDrive has the right to terminate the membership in case of non-payment of due amounts in due course. IDrive has the right to terminate the membership in case of misuse. IDrive is not responsible for any property inside the vehicle at any time and under any circumstances. In case of damage or harm to the vehicle, the last customer who used the vehicle shall bear all the costs resulting there from. In case of no damage or harm is reported to the vehicle prior to use, the customer will bear all costs. The customer shall bear the excess value in the insurance policy according to the age group. Client grants IDRIVE the right to withdraw and charge all amounts payable, including usage fees, penalties and all amounts mentioned in the pricing page on website from his credit card or any agreed payment method.